Difference between Discovery and Invention

The key difference between discovery and invention is that discovery entails locating something that already exists, whereas invention involves the creation of something novel.

What is Discovery?

The concept of discovery encompasses the process of identifying or revealing something previously unnoticed but existing in the world. It involves exploring new occurrences, actions, phenomena, or logic that were not previously acknowledged as relevant. Discoveries often stem from ideas, collaborations, or prior discoveries.

Questioning and curiosity are pivotal in the process of discovery, as they can lead to the recognition of previously overlooked elements, ultimately leading to the creation of new processes, products, and methodologies. Several significant discoveries have marked profound advancements in knowledge and technology.


America discovered by Columbus.

What is Invention?

An invention can be defined as a fresh and innovative method, device, process, enhancement, or technique. It represents the conception of something new or advanced, aimed at simplifying and expediting people’s tasks. When this idea is materialized, it becomes an invention. Essentially, an invention is something that did not exist previously and is recognized as the result of unique intellect.

Occasionally, an individual may work independently on an idea to bring it to fruition, while at other times, a team of scientists collaborates to invent something beneficial. Additionally, inventions can evolve through contributions or enhancements made by others. They play a vital role in revolutionizing how people accomplish their tasks.


Telephone invented by Graham Bell.

Discovery vs Invention

The basic difference between discovery and invention is given below:

Parameters of ComparisonDiscoveryInvention
DefinitionDiscovery involves finding out something that already exists but was not perceived before.Invention entails developing and transforming a new idea into something useful that did not exist before.
InvolvementIt involves exploration.It involves experimentation.
RepresentsDiscoveries are the initial outcomes of natural occurrences.Inventions are technical procedures that result in devices, artifacts, and processes.
ExistenceIt is about recognizing or detecting pre-existing things.It is about creating and developing non-existent things.
PatentDiscoveries cannot be patented.Inventions can be patented.
DevelopmentDiscoveries can be made accidentally or purposely.Inventions are purposely done to fulfill a specific purpose.

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